UNDERC Fellows investigate stability of recreational fisheries in northern Wisconsin

Author: Michael Cramer

Dassow fishing
UNDERC Fellow Colin Dassow uses line sampling to study recreational fisheries at UNDERC.

University of Notre Dame graduate students and UNDERC Fellows Colin Dassow and Camille Mosley recently spoke with Wisconsin Public Radio about research they are conducting in conjunction with the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies on lakes at UNDERC and the surrounding area. Using catch-release data, Colin modeled hyperstability in this well-used recreational fishery, and found that catch rate may not be a good indicator of population sizes for harvested fish species, such as largemouth bass.

Colin has worked at UNDERC since 2014, when he worked with the Cascade research group as an undergraduate at St. Norbert College. Upon graduation, he moved to the University of Notre Dame, where he started in the doctorate program in the Department of Biological Sciences under the direction of Stuart Jones. He has mentored eight undergraduates in the UNDERC summer program from 2016-2019.

Camille started her work at UNDERC in the summer of 2019, when she joined the laboratory of Stuart Jones as a doctoral student. She received her bachelor degree in Environmental Science from Emory University.  She was awarded an UNDERC Fellowship this past spring to continue her research investigating how habitat use by fish may affect angler catch rates in these recreational fisheries.

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