Beyond its teaching and research activities, UNDERC’s environmental findings are translational at the local, regional and national levels. From landowner groups surrounding UNDERC sites, to regional governmental and tribal agencies and NGOs, to national conservation initiatives, UNDERC’s research findings are being employed to develop policies and activities that create a better environment. Some notable examples are:

Education - Native American Students

UNDERC is involved in the STEM education of Native American students and supports four students annually to attend UNDERC programs. UNDERC-West actively works with the Confederate Salish and Kootenai Tribes on the Flathead Reservation in Montana to provide a cross-cultural learning experience for all students.

STEM education of Native American students

Education - Puerto Rican Students

UNDERC is involved in the STEM education of Puerto Rican students in conjuction with the University of Puerto Rico. Four Puerto Rican students are annually supported by the José Enrique Fernández Fellowship to attend UNDERC programs.

Conservation Outreach

  • Conservation of threatened grassland environments Milk River Project
  • Advising agencies on management of unique ecosystems, like the Great Salt Lake, Utah
  • Supporting wolf management in the Great Lakes Region