Staff Listing

Gary Belovsky, Director

Gary Belovsky, UNDERC Director

Dr. Belovsky has been the Gillen Director of UNDERC since 2001. He oversees UNDERC classes and research and supervises classes at UNDERC-East and West. He also teaches the Introductory module at East and the Grassland and Wildlife Ecology and Environmental History modules at West. He and his graduate students have many research projects at UNDERC, dealing with population, community, and ecosystem ecology in terrestrial and aquatic systems, especially the impacts of herbivory, predation, and disease dynamics.

Contact Information 

Telephone (Notre Dame): (574) 631-0172

Telephone (UNDERC-East): (906) 842-1012


Michael J. Cramer, Assistant Director-East

Michael Cramer, Assistant Director for UNDERC-East, monitors small mammal populations at UNDERC

Dr. Cramer has been the Assistant Director for UNDERC-East since 2007. He oversees the Practicum in Field Environmental Biology, East, and teaches the Vertebrate Ecology module. He also mentors students on studies of small mammal ecology and behavior. His research focuses on foraging behavior of small mammals, the effects of predation risk on small mammal behavior, and parasite-host relationships. 

Contact Information

Telephone (Notre Dame): (574) 631-0970

Telephone (UNDERC-East): (906) 842-2486


David Flagel, Assistant Director-West 

David Flagel Works On Trophic Cascades Involving Gray Wolves, Monitoring Their Movements (individual Being Collared Below) And Effects At UNDERC-East

Dr. Flagel is the Assistant Director of UNDERC-West. He oversees the Practicum in Field Environmental Biology, West, and oversees the Grassland Ecology module. He also mentors a wide variety of student research on top-down and indirect effects (previous 2009-2014 UNDERC-East mentor). His research focuses on the indirect effects of large mammalian predators on forest communities through control of their herbivore prey and carnivore competitors.

Contact Information

Telephone (Notre Dame): (574) 631-2612

Telephone (UNDERC-West): (406) 644-2478


Shannon Jones, Technician



Shannon is the new technician at UNDERC-East in 2018. In 2016, she graduated Northeastern University in Boston, MA, with a B.S. in Marine Biology. Since then, Shannon has worked as a science educator and as a Hatchery Technician at Rutgers University.

Telephone (Notre Dame): (574) 631-0949

Telephone (UNDERC-East): (906) 842-1010


Sherry DePoy

Sherry DePoy, UNDERC administrative assistant

Sherry DePoy has been the administrative assistant at UNDERC since 2015. She has worked at Notre Dame for 34 years in several different offices. Sherry is a NASCAR enthusiast and an ardent lover of animals. She has two cats named Stokley and Peyton.

Contact Information

Telephone (Notre Dame): (574) 631-7186