UNDERC Seminars

Date Speaker Title
5/23 Peter Weishampel, National Ecological Observatory Network The NEON Project: Data & Infrastructure to Understand Changing Ecosystems
5/30 Michael J. Cramer, University of Notre Dame Mice for All Seasons: Understanding the Effects of Climate Change on Populations of Deer Mice
6/3 Fr. Terrence Ehrman, University of Notre Dame Science, Faith, and Ecological Conversion: The Catholic Church and Care for Creation
6/6 Walter Carson, University of Pittsburgh Novel Plant Community Formation on Tree Tip-up Mounds -- Moose and Sasquatch as Ecosystem Engineers
6/13 Jasper Leavitt, Trent University Who Runs the Pool: Impacts of Aggression in an All-Female Lineage of Salamanders
6/20 Rose Marie Muzika, Powdermill Nature Reserve  
6/27 Stuart Jones, University of Notre Dame  
7/4 Todd Crowl, Florida International University  
7/18 Gary Belovsky, University of Notre Dame