2016 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
5/18 Stuart Gage, Michigan State University Exploring the Soundscape and Its Application to Bird Studies at UNDERC
5/26 Kristin Bahleda, Eastern Michigan University

Do Wetland Nutrients Play a Significant Role in Whooping Crane (Grus americana) Nest Site Selection at Necedah National Wildlife Refuge?

6/2 Walter Carson, University of Pittsburgh

Do Ground-Dwelling Vertebrates Promote Diversity in a Neotropical Forest? Results from a Long-Term Experiment

6/9 Rose Marie Muzika, University of Missouri CSI Forestry: What Is Killing the Oaks?
6/16 Grace Wilkinson, University of Virginia Ecosystem Alarms: Searching for Early Warnings of Large Changes in Lakes
6/23 Michael Cramer, University of Notre Dame It’s Like You Never Left: The Long-Lasting Effects of Predation 
6/30 Jacob Ziegler, McGill University Environmental and Social Drivers of Lake Food Webs
7/7 Todd Crowl, Florida International University Human Impacts on Tropical and Subtropical Aquatic Ecosystems
7/14 Gary Belovsky, University of Notre Dame How Your Shrimp Dinner May Impact Hypersaline Lakes