2018 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
5/24 Peter Weishampel, National Ecological Observatory Network The NEON Project: Monitoring Ecological Change at UNDERC and Beyond
5/31 Michael J. Cramer, University of Notre Dame Save It For Later: Foraging Decisions of Woodland Deer Mice
6/7 David Flagel, University of Notre Dame

Wolf Ecology and Tropic Cascades at UNDERC-East

6/14 Jessica Warwick, University of Missouri Prairie Stream Ecology: Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Invertebrates
6/21 Walt Carson, University of Pittsburgh Novel Plant Community Formation on Tree Tip-up Mounds and Moose and Sasquatch as Ecosystem Engineers
6/28 Ellie Wallace, Nicholls State University Comparison of Finfish Assemblages Between Two Hydrologically-impaired Basins of Louisiana
7/5 Todd Crowl, Florida International University From Tropical Mountain Streams to Coastal Wetlands:  Humans Don't Know What They Have Until They’re Gone
7/12 Bethany Blakely, University of Notre Dame A Legacy of Past Destruction: the Impact of Historical Logging on Today's Forests, Water, and Climate
7/19 Gary Belovsky, University of Notre Dame Shaping or Shaped by the Land: Native American Ecology