James B. Hank Research Facility

The Hank Lab provides resources for both research and teaching

The James B. Hank Research Facility, or Hank Lab, provides resources for both research and teaching and also houses the UNDERC offices. Remodeled in 1994, this 8500 square foot facility has everything the discerning scientist needs.

There are 9 research laboratories, each equipped with

  • 4-ft. hoods
  • chemical resistant countertops and seamless flooring
  • 18 megaohm RO water
  • hot and cold water
  • gas / compressed air / vacuum hookups
  • 110v and 220v electrical outlets, centrally protected from power surges
  • electrical outlets connected to an emergency power generator
  • high speed internet accessed via a wireless network or through Ethernet connections

In addition, common use equipment is available, including

The UNDERC teaching laboratory has room for 32 students

  • a general laboratory / classroom, which can accommodate 32 studentsThere is also space dedicated to environmental science instruction, includingbalances
  • liquid scintillation counter
  • gas chromatograph
  • autoclave
  • fluorometer
  • spectrophotometer
  • centrifuge
  • PCR thermocycler
  • micropipettes
  • horizontal and vertical gel rigs with power source
  • -80C freezer
  • -20C freezers
  • drying ovens
  • muffle furnace
  • compound and dissecting microscopes
  • a computer laboratory, with 8 computers and one laser printer
  • a smaller lecture room which can accommodate 20 students
  • an analytical chemistry laboratory 
  • a researcher conference room
  • a modest library