Conduct Policy

As an official extension of the University of Notre Dame, the Environmental Research Center (UNDERC) has adopted Expectations for Conduct (i.e. “Expectations”) for participants visiting and participating in programs at University properties, including but not limited to: Land O’Lakes region of Wisconsin, National Bison Range, Ottawa National Forest, Nature Conservancy, and Flathead Reservation.

These Expectations articulate and supplement University of Notre Dame policies (Standards of Conduct found in du Lac: A Guide to Student Life for students, Policies Regarding Conduct outlined in the Faculty Handbook for faculty, and policies stated in the Human Resources Policy Manual for staff).   In addition, all participants are accountable to law enforcement authorities and to the University for acts that violate local, state or federal laws.

Expectations apply to all undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty participating in a program at UNDERC whether or not they are affiliated with the University of Notre Dame outside of their experience with UNDERC. 

  • Student is defined as any undergraduate or graduate student participating in an academic program affiliated with the UNDERC, LOL or NEON.
  • Staff is defined as UNDERC, LOL and NEON employees, mentors of undergraduates, teaching assistants and post-doctoral researchers. 
  • Faculty is defined as class instructors and senior researchers.

Expectations are intended to address unique UNDERC conditions.  In addition to these expectations, Community Rules for LOL and UNDERC, as well as UNDERC’s associated locations (e.g., National Bison Range, Ottawa National Forest, Nature Conservancy, Flathead Reservation, etc.), have also been established.