Community Rules

The use of UNDERC/LOL and facilities of its partners is a privilege and continued use depends upon obeying their specific rules, which include the following:

  • Visitation hours have been established to foster personal and social development and to respond to the safety, security and privacy needs of those sharing common living space. Visiting hours for guests of the opposite sex begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at midnight on Sunday through Thursday night and 2:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights.
  • Quiet hours are from midnight to 7am, seven days per week.
  • Obey all speed and traffic rules.  This includes 25 mph on the main entrance road (main gate to Craig House) and 15 mph on all other roads.
  • Obtain all necessary applications and permits for research and collecting. This includes obtaining research permissions by completing the UNDERC Research Protocol document and its approval by the LOL Advisory Board. 
  • Follow UNDERC safety protocols (UNDERC ISP).
  • Obey all use restrictions.  These include restricted use and access to lakes:
    • Fishing only in Bay, Morris and Tenderfoot Lakes.
    • Research restrictions described in the UNDERC Research Protocol.
    • No access to Moccasin Lake.
    • Honor the privacy of others (e.g., priests, administrators, Hank family, etc.).
  • No parties at lakes.
  • Guests must be approved and registered by UNDERC or LOL staff. At the discretion of UNDERC and LOL staff, a guest may be denied admission or removed from UNDERC facilities any time.  All students, staff and faculty are expected to take responsibility for their guests’ behavior at all times. Visitors are expected to be knowledgeable about and abide by UNDERC Rules, as well as the rest of the Expectations for Conduct.