University Standards of Conduct

Consistent with Notre Dame’s mission as a Catholic University, UNDERC seeks to create a community that honors the human dignity of each member and that is characterized by a love of truth, active care and concern for the common good, and service toward others.  Each of us shares responsibility for the creation of such a community.  The University’s standards of conduct reflect our commitment to this ideal.  Calling one another to accountability in the context of these standards is a necessary part of our common life.  

Because we are committed to a Christian ideal of community and to the growth and formation of each individual, the ties that bind members of this community are not always the same as those within society at large.  The University’s expectations for conduct go beyond what is minimally required for maintaining public order, as we actively seek what is good and life-giving both for the individual and for the University community.

The Standards of Conduct apply to all individuals participating at UNDERC sites.  Participants are expected to be knowledgeable of all standards, and in particular, the following:

  • Alcohol possession and use
  • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs
  • Drugs and Controlled Substances
  • Sexual or Discriminatory Harassment
  • Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Activity
  • Consensual Relationships
  • Abusive or harassing behavior, including unwelcome communication
  • Actions which seemingly affect only the individual(s) involved but which may have a negative or disruptive impact on the University community and/or concern a student’s personal and academic growth
  • Behavior which causes a serious disturbance of the University community or infringes upon the rights and well-being of others
  • Willful damage to the reputation or psychological well-being of another
  • Dishonesty, forgery or taking advantage of another
  • Theft, damage or vandalism to property
  • Unauthorized possession of explosives, incendiary devices, firearms or other weapons
  • Violence or the threat of violence against another person, or any action which causes injury to another

For a complete listing of all University Standards of Conduct and applicable policies, please refer to:

All students, staff and faculty are expected to take responsibility for their guests’ behavior at all times. Visitors are expected to be knowledgeable about and abide by UNDERC Expectations.  Guests must be approved and registered by UNDERC or the respective site of the program. At the discretion of UNDERC and site administrators, a guest may be denied admission or removed from UNDERC facilities any time.