Fire Safety

All Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s students are trained in fire safety by the Notre Dame Fire Department prior to leaving for UNDERC. This training includes an online training module on how to safely respond to a fire emergency and how to properly use a fire extinguisher. In addition, the training includes hands-on training on putting out fires using a fire extinguisher.

At UNDERC the dormitory in which the students reside has a centralized fire alert system, and a sprinkler system. Also, fire extinguishers are located in each of the common areas, all of which are checked for usability monthly. Additionally, each dorm room has an emergency ladder to expedite escaping from a fire if exits are blocked. UNDERC staff demonstrates the use of these ladders for students. 

All residential apartments have fire extinguishers located by the door and regularly maintained smoke detectors. 

The Hank Laboratory facility has fire extinguishers and eye wash stations in each lab, and additional fire extinquishers and emergency showers in the hallway outside the labs. In addition, the building has a centrailzed sprinkler system.

In case of a fire, students and staff are trained to safely exit buildings and meet at a predetermined location to ensure that all on-site individuals are accounted for. Fire drills are regularly scheduled to make sure students understand the fire safety protocol. All fire drill protocols are posted in each dormitory building, apartment and laboratory area.

Fire services are provided by:

  • Boulder Junction Volunteer Fire Department, 715-385-2002
  • Land O’ Lakes Volunteer Fire Department, 715-547-6170