Lab User Guidelines

In order to maintain lab space in the Hank Lab at UNDERC, the following must be completed by May 31st of each year
  • Submit a list of lab personnel
    • Full name
    • Position (undergraduate or graduate student, technician, post-doc, etc.)
    • Labs used by each individual (including common labs and the wet lab)
  • Complete Lab Safety Training
    • The University of Notre Dame now uses an online training program
    • The Assistant Director will set up accounts for lab users that need accounts
    • The system will prompt you to refresh your training each year
  • Update personal protective equipment (PPE) forms
    • All individuals working in the lab must sign, including students from the UNDERC class that are using the lab for their projects
    • Forms are located in the main office
  • Review the emergency evacuation plan
    • Document for each lab member
    • Forms are located in the main office
  • Complete chemical inventory
    • Template for chemical inventory is available from the technician
    • Record chemical name, synonyms, quantity, location (lab # or flammables shed), health hazard, fire hazard, reactivity, and specific hazard of each chemical
    • Verify the MSDS for each chemical is in the library
    • For any new chemicals, add MSDS to the binder and inform the technician so the index can be updated
    • Email updated chemical inventory to the technician
    • Update hazard stickers on the lab door. Stickers are available from the Assistant Director
  • For those labs working with animals, provide the Assistant Director with approved IACUC protocols so they can be kept on file in the main office

Failure to comply with these items will result in lab shutdown.