Residence Guidelines

Upon Arrival

  • Fill out a visitor information form
  • Pick up a hang tag for any vehicles you have brought onto property
  • Both are available in the main office.

Quiet Hours

  • Quiet hours are from 12AM to 7AM every day
  • Voices carry, especially across water, so please be considerate

Maintenance Problems

  • Fill out a maintenance request form, available in the main office
  • Notify the Assistant Director ASAP
  • The maintenance staff will take care of the issue as soon as they are able


  • Deposit trash bags in the dumpsters near the athletic fields
  • Do not leave trash outside your living quarters for any amount of time


  • Deposit recycling in the dumpsters near the maintenance building
  • A list of recyclable materials is listed on the refrigerator in each kitchen
  • Do not put any plastic bags in the recycling
  • Plastic bags are accepted just inside the main doors of Trig’s and Walmart

Check Out

  • Notify the Assistant Director at least 3 days in advance
  • Schedule a room inspection prior to your departure