Research Opportunities

UNDERC has a rich tradition of environmental research. Research at UNDERC incorporates questions of both aquatic and terrestrial systems, including whole lake and field manipulations. There are a variety of resources and facilities to aid researchers. 

  • On-site modern laboratories including a lakeside wet lab


  • Small and large cattle tanks for mesocosm experiments
  • Aquatic cage systems for small-scale experiments
  • Modern equipment including a laboratory for basic genetics (DNA extraction and visualization), a laboratory reserved for experiments using radiation, a gas chromatograph, a spectrophotometer, a liquid scintillation counter, analytical balances, and a computer laboratory
  • Wireless high speed internet access in all laboratory and residential buildings 

In order to preserve the pristine nature of the site, all research activities at UNDERC need to be approved by the Science and Education Advisory Committee and the Land O' Lakes Advisory Board at the University of Notre Dame.