Checklist for Continuing Projects

The following must be completed prior to the start of the field season (15 May).

  1. Annual Reports for previously approved UNDERC projects are due by March 1.(For 2021, this has been extended to March 19)  Any changes to the Application to Conduct Research must be submitted along with the annual report. (see Review Process tab)
  2. Annual reports for all animal use protocols must be approved by the Notre Dame IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee). The IACUC meets monthly, and require 10 business days for review, so annual reports should be submitted at least 2 months in advance to ensure approval prior to the start of research activities.
  3. Request for isotope use must be submitted and approved by the Radiation Control Committee annually.
  4. Housing requests need to be submitted by March 1 (For 2021, this has been extended to March 19), including the number of males and females who will require housing. Researchers are billed for housing deposits once requests have been processed.
  5. Lab space requests should be updated if necessary by March 1 (For 2021, this has been extended to March 19).
  6. Visit the Policies tab for the latest rules and regulations.