UNDERC offers opportunity for graduate student research in summer 2020

Author: Michael Cramer

UNDERC students conducting grasshopper research with their mentor.

UNDERC Summer Graduate Fellowships
Call for Applications

We invite current graduate students to apply for a University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC) summer graduate fellowship for 2020 to study at our world-class field station in northern Wisconsin/Michigan (UNDERC-East; up to 8 fellowships) or at our facilities in western Montana (UNDERC-West; up to 2 fellowships). These fellowships are available on a competitive basis to graduate students interested in any area of the environmental sciences (e.g., ecology, environmental genomics, ecological modeling, disease ecology, environmental chemistry, anthropology, environmental engineering, hydrology, geoscience, sustainability, etc.).

Award Components: Fellowships will provide up to $8750 for the summer ($7750 for 3-month stipend from May 15 through Aug. 15, and up to $1000 for research expenses). In addition, summer housing at the field station for the same period will be provided free of charge along with suitable laboratory space and access to on-property field vehicles.

Advising Requirement: UNDERC graduate fellows are required to advise the independent research of at least two undergraduates enrolled in the UNDERC summer undergraduate course, which can be related to the research of the graduate fellow. Projects will be developed during the spring semester.

How To Apply: Candidates should apply to underc@nd.edu by Friday, February 21, 2020, with:
- A brief cover letter describing your general interest in an UNDERC graduate fellowship.
- A 2-page single-spaced research proposal following the general guidelines of the NSF GRFP program. (We only request the proposal and not the personal statement required by the GRFP.)
- A 1-page single-spaced document describing potential undergraduate projects for advisees.
- A brief letter from your advisor confirming their support for your proposed UNDERC research.
- A curriculum vitae detailing your background, experience, and accomplishments.
- Awards will be announced by Friday, March 6, 2020.

Additional Aspects of the Fellowship:
- Applicants for the UNDERC fellowships are encouraged to clearly indicate how UNDERC resources (field sites, laboratories, data bases, NEON, etc.) will be used in the proposed research.
- A 1-page research report will be due to underc@nd.edu by December 31, 2020, and UNDERC should be acknowledged on all resulting theses and publications.
- Graduate fellows are expected to engage closely with undergraduate advisees and to critique presentations and research reports.

For More Information or to discuss your proposed research, contact either:
- Dr. Michael Cramer, Assistant Director, UNDERC-East: mcramer@nd.edu
- Dr. David Flagel, Assistant Director, UNDERC-West: dflagel@nd.edu
- Dr. Stuart Jones, Associate Director of Research: sjones20@nd.edu
- Dr. Gary Lamberti, Gillen Acting Director of UNDERC: glambert@nd.edu