The University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC) aims to promote environmental research and education. We currently have two programs, UNDERC-East on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and UNDERC-West in Montana to serve the educational and research needs of the scientific community.

The University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC) provides world-class destinations for environmental research, unsurpassed undergraduate education programs, and innovative graduate student training. UNDERC locations are unique pristine areas with exceptional facilities that permit descriptive studies and manipulative experiments. We strive to enhance our understanding of natural and human-altered environments that translate into better management and policy for the environment.

The following are the major goals of UNDERC:

  • Research: UNDERC strives to be a world-class research destination for the study of the environment. Research employs UNDERC's unique field locations to provide opportunities for descriptive studies and manipulative experiments that enhance our understanding of natural and human-altered environments. UNDERC fosters intellectual communities pursuing environmental research and scholarship of the highest quality, while preserving the pristine nature of field sites. 
  • Education: UNDERC provides unsurpassed undergraduate education programs on the environment and innovative graduate training for students from the University of Notre Dame and around the world. UNDERC provides opportunities for under-represented groups in STEM disciplines, including Native American and Puerto Rican students.
  • Outreach and Service: UNDERC provides renowned programs that translate environmental research discoveries into usable forms for the public, educators, natural-resource managers, and policy-makers.
  • Partnerships: UNDERC leverages collaborations with academic, educational, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to better achieve its research, education and outreach goals.
  • Infrastructure: UNDERC provides outstanding facilities and wise stewardship of its natural resources to enhance its research, education, and outreach goals.