10-20-21 4182

UNDERC supports a wide variety of different plant groups, including those associated with wetlands, and early- to late-successional forests. Although harder to find on property, there are also many field species as well.

Bryophytes (Mosses and Liverworts)

The generally wet conditions at UNDERC allow many opportunities for bryophytes (41KB), or non-vascular plants. In addition to mosses commonly found on logs and trees, UNDERC hosts 17 species of Sphagnum moss, which form dense vegetative sheets across many bogs.

Seedless Vascular Plants (Ferns, Clubmosses, and Horsetails)

There are a large number of fern species (33KB) in evidence in the summer. UNDERC supports an especially large number of woodferns. Many species of clubmosses and horsetails are also noticeable, especially around the large number of vernal ponds.