Graduate Fellowships

Graduate Fellowships

UNDERC offers Graduate Fellowships for qualified graduate students at their facilities on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Preference is given to graduate students from Notre Dame.

What to Expect

  • Mentor 1-2 undergraduate students conducting an independt research project aligned with your research interests
  • Conduct research that includes ecosystems on the UNDERC property
  • Summer stipend of $7750 plus up to $1000 research budget
  • Housing provided at UNDERC–bed in a shared apartment, as well as office space in Flanner Hall on Notre Dame main campus.
  • Access to UNDERC vehicles with approval of the UNDERC Director or Assistant Director

Mentoring Requirement

  • Required to mentor at least one undergraduate project for the summer course, Research Projects in Field Environmental Biology
  • Requires extended residence at UNDERC to ensure meaningful and impactful mentor-mentee interactions throughout the summer
  • Undergraduate must conduct a stand alone project that results in a paper and presentation at the end of the summer
  • Includes data collection, statistical analysis, and editing drafts of student papers
  • Working with undergraduates prior to the start of the course on research proposals
  • Potentially collaborate with students in the following fall to submit manuscripts for publication, if warranted
  • Attend weekly UNDERC seminars
  • Attend UNDERC Undergraduate Research Symposium at the conclusion of the summer class


All applications are due to the UNDERC Office by Friday, December 15, 2023. 

How to Apply

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Instructions for applying are as follows:

Candidates should apply to with:

  • A brief cover letter describing your general interest in an UNDERC graduate fellowship.

  • A 2-page single-spaced scholarly proposal following the general guidelines of the NSF GRFP program. We only request the proposal and not the personal statement required by GRFP.

  • A 1-page single-spaced document describing potential undergraduate projects for advisees.

  • A brief letter from your advisor confirming their support for your proposed UNDERC work.

  • A curriculum vitae detailing your background experience, and accomplishments.

  • Awards are announced shortly after applications submissions close. 

Additional Aspects of the Fellowship

  • Applicants for the UNDERC fellowships are encouraged to clearly indicate how UNDERC resources (field sites, laboratories, data bases, NEON, etc.) will be used in the proposed research, as priority will be given to applicants who use the property for some or all of their scholarship, but modeling, data analysis, and writing projects are also appropriate activities for fellows.

  • An accounting of research expenditures and a 1-page progress report will be due to by the end of each calendar year. Residual funds will not carry over between years.

More Information

For more information or to discuss your proposed research, contact either: